Cool Stuff in Paris: What to wear (and what NOT to wear) in Paris

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Okay, Americans*, I’m gonna give it to you straight: the clothes you are wearing in Paris make you really stand out as a tourist, and you look sloppy and underdressed and disrespectful almost everywhere you go. You stand out like a sore thumb; the Parisians can spot an American a kilometer away. This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing in itself, but wouldn’t… (Read more…)

Bad customer service experience — contact lenses

I ordered two pairs of contact lenses from on October 5th for Halloween, and their confirmation email said they would arrive in 10-12 business days. It’s now November 6th and I never received them. I filled out the contact form on the YouKnowIt website back on October 25th and it bounced back two days later as undeliverable. I sent another email on October 31st and never received a reply at all. This is unbelievably…Continue Reading →

Finally, a resolution to my H&M customer service problem

Finally a resolution to the lost gift card debacle! Not a good one, but at least I can forget about this mess now. For a quick recap, here’s my original blog post from yesterday about it. After months and months of phone calls with no results, I went all social media on H&M and they responded within minutes! I wrote my blog post about my experience, then tweeted about it and posted it on H&M’s…Continue Reading →

UPDATED: My terrible H&M customer service experience; $200 gone, three months later, still no resolution

UPDATE: One blog post/tweet/Facebook post later, I got a call from a very helpful lady at H&M. Fingers crossed that this will be resolved soon. I’ll post any news. ***** I’ve been dealing with H&M customer service over a lost $200.00 gift card since June! I’ve called four times so far, with no results. Many months ago, I bought an H&M gift card for $200.00 to give as a gift. The recipient lost it. Luckily,…Continue Reading →



The “Dark” collection, taken primarily in Rome between ‘83 and ‘85, showcases the patrons of clubs, movies, concerts and theater events associated with the dark movement. Of course nothing stays non-commodified in the modern world, and Ignani is quick to point out how rapidly the look was appropriated by high-end fashion. See the full article and gallery here.

JackThreads has officially lost me with these Playboy/NSFW/porn tshirts.

Disappointed to see @jackthreads selling Playboy/NSFW/porn tshirts. Men should dress with class and with respect for the people around them. — Glamdies (@GlamdiesBlog) June 23, 2014 .@jackthreads A vintage pinup is one thing. T-shirts for bros with bent-over asses on them is douchey rape culture bullshit. — Glamdies (@GlamdiesBlog) June 23, 2014