Bad customer service experience — contact lenses

I ordered two pairs of contact lenses from on October 5th for Halloween, and their confirmation email said they would arrive in 10-12 business days. It’s now November 6th and I never received them. I filled out the contact form on the YouKnowIt website back on October 25th and it bounced back two days later as undeliverable. I sent another email on October 31st and never received a reply at all. This is unbelievably frustrating. The worst part was that my girlfriend and I had prepared Halloween costumes that really hinged on the contact lenses, so the day of our Halloween party I had to go out and buy very overpriced ones, since I never received the ones I ordered. I’ve used for the last five Halloweens and I’ve blogged about them very favorably in the past. I won’t be ordering with them again unless they resolve this issue. If I hadn’t already ordered successfully from this company in previous years I would be convinced the whole thing was a rip-off or a scam — I mean, think about it: you enter your credit card info, you never get your order, and then it’s impossible to contact them. If anyone from YouKnowIt sees this, please feel free to contact me at .

Update: After three emails to and a comment left on their Facebook page with a link to this post, they finally emailed me to let me know they were refunding my money. I received that email today, November 12th, two and a half weeks after my first message to them.

After this experience with contact lenses I searched for reviews of their service and found several stories from other customers that were very similar to mine, particularly regarding how hard or in some cases impossible it can be to get any kind of reply from them. This is very disappointing after a few years of good service from them; I wonder if something changed on their end or if I simply had good luck in previous years.

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    I have a question, i see a lot of items on this site, I have made a screenshot of some products, that you also sell in your shop. But there products are 17% cheaper, well my question is what is the difference between your webshop, is it the quality or something else, I hope you can answer my question.

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    Melody Shears

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