My love affair with Kaadu shoes



I used to work at an office in SoHo (NYC, not London) and whenever I’d get bored I’d sneak out and go shopping. This is how I stumbled upon Chris Kaadu Shoes, on Sullivan Street, and it was love at first sight of that pair of red-floral-embroidered black loafers in the window (which I ran inside and bought in a panic like they might disappear). I must’ve bought about ten pairs of fabulous shoes at Kaadu while I was working around the corner from them; a few pairs I don’t have anymore, but the rest are in the picture above. Unfortunately the shop closed a while back; they still have their website, although it seems to be updated much less frequently nowadays and I worry they’ve stopped designing new shoes all together. I hope I’m wrong about that! They also have a store on eBay and I think a few of the designs I’m seeing there are new, so let’s hope they’re still cranking out new and beautiful stuff for a long time.


All of the shoes I bought from Kaadu were in the $75-$125 range (the boring ones on the far left I got ’cause they were on sale for $25!), they’re all fairly comfortable for dress/fashion shoes, and most of them have held up pretty well; some better than others, but that’s just how it goes. The sizing is a little wonky; I’ve bought all of them in size 43 and the fit is all over the place; some pretty tight, some pretty loose, some juuust right. Such is buying shoes off the internet. How I wish they still had a store so I could try stuff on! Anyway, Kaadu shoes were and are something really special, and I’ve never found a good replacement for them anywhere in New York. I often lament the fact that women have so many more options than men with regard to shoes and clothing; women get a better range of glamorous colors, patterns, materials, while 99% of men’s fashion is about as anti-glam as possible. Kaadu shoes were and are a very refreshing exception to this rule. I get more compliments when I’m wearing their shoes than just about anything else in my whole arsenal.



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