Hannibal happens to be one of my favorite shows, but I would watch it for the suits alone



…Except that thing he did one time with like the red zipped-up fleece under his jacket and over his shirt and tie. I get that it’s cold out all the time on Hannibal, but you got other options, man. I’m not mad, Hannibal, I’m just disappointed. Anyway:

Esquire — How the New Hannibal Lecter Became the Best-Dressed Man On TV

This is one sharp-dressed psychiatrist-cum-serial-psychopath. Every scene, Lecter seems to be in a new ensemble; three-piece suits, prince-of-wales checks, rich colours, paisley ties with double Windsor knots (that Mikkelsen tied himself) and tailored casual wear. So why have the producers made Lecter’s style such a big part of his character?

“Lecter is really a bit of a dandy and someone who loves the finer things in life – someone who would have a bespoke wardrobe.” Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller told us on the phone from LA. “I thought of Hannibal Lecter as this man who appreciates the beauty in life, who would love colour and pattern and stimulating fabrics.”

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