Hannibal’s biggest fashion faux-pas from season deux


While I’m still working on my screenshots for all of Hannibal’s amazing suits from NBC’s Hannibal season deux, here are H-bomb’s biggest fashion faux-pas from this season:

Boring dad Hannibal:

KGB reject Hannibal:

Stoner roommate Hannibal:

I’ll get all of the season 2 suits online tomorrow. In the meantime, here are all of Hannibal’s suits from season 1.

3 Responses to “Hannibal’s biggest fashion faux-pas from season deux”

  1. SusanElizabeth says:

    Stoner roommate cannibal/casual holiday cannibal

  2. Sedge says:

    I think you’re forgetting that black/red plaid and white/red paisley tie combo from S2E03. I mean, there’s dressing like a modern day Satan (hi red shirts with black suits), and there’s dressing like a modern day Satan who’s blind.

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