All of Hannibal’s suits from NBC’s Hannibal season 2



Here they are, all of Hannibal’s glorious suits and other outfits from season 2 of NBC’s Hannibal. It’s 86 pictures total!

As with season 1, the lighting is so somber in this series that in many cases it’s hard to be sure if there’s a wardrobe change from scene to scene, so when in doubt I’ve erred on the side of caution and included everything. One dark plaid suit in dark cool lighting might be the same as the next plaid suit in dark warm lighting; usually the pattern on the tie is the key to figuring it out! But sometimes it’s just plain too dark.

In doing all of these screenshots I’ve been very tempted to tweak some levels and do some color correction so we can really appreciate all the clothes, but in the end I decided to leave them as-is; the lighting is a huge factor in the ambiance of this show and it’s clearly a very conscious choice on the part of the producers. I do recommend looking at the full-size pics in a dark room with your monitor brightness turned up; the patterns and colors will really jump out at you. You can click on each of the links below to see the screenshots; you may have to click each again to see them at full size. Enjoy!

episode 1
episode 2
episode 3
episode 4
episode 5
episode 6
episode 7
episode 8
episode 9
episode 10
episode 11
episode 12
episode 13

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