My love/hate relationship with JackThreads



I have a love/hate relationship with JackThreads. I’ve probably bought at least three dozen items from them in the last couple years, from three-piece suits and ties to t-shirts and sunglasses. Some of it’s great, and some of it’s garbage.

JackThreads’ prices are super cheap for the most part, and the quality of their items is very hit and miss. I’ve gotten a few suits from them in the $100-$150 range, which is incredibly cheap, so I’m not too disappointed when the quality is a bit crappy and the fit isn’t perfect; what do you expect for $100? But even for cheap suits they’re pretty stylish and interesting and I’m totally okay with it; interesting colors, patterns, cut, etc. They pretty much match the photos you see, so you know what you’re getting into.

Shirts from JackThreads, on the other hand, I’ve had a lot of bad luck with. I’ve been disappointed with button-down shirts from them enough times where I don’t even risk it anymore. Many times I’ve found shirts on their site that look great in pics — bold colors, cool patterns, nice and crisp and pressed-looking; all the things I like — and then when I see the shirt in real life the color is bland and faded, the fabric is distressed and floppy and very wrinkle-prone, the fit is burlap-sack-ish. These things are totally fine and in style for regular dudes, but they’re not what I want and they don’t match what I see in the pictures.

In one case, the picture of the shirt on the website showed a bold, dark-red paisley pattern with the sleeves rolled up, and the much lighter interior side of the pattern was visible on the rolled-up part of the sleeves. I received the shirt, and it was manufactured with the fabric the other way around! The faded, distressed pattern was the exterior, and the bold dark red was the interior. Very disappointing. I don’t wear anything distressed looking so this shirt was useless to me.

Another time I bought three ties from JackThreads; all the same style, in black, gold, and silver, with little shiny dots on them. They were “on sale” for $12.99 each, down from “$29.99 retail.” When I received them, they were in plastic packaging with price tags on them that said $9.99 each. I emailed JackThreads to ask them what was up with that — are these $10 ties they got as overstock from some store and they were just pretending they were $30 ties? — and their answer was dumb; they didn’t explain anything and just sort of said sorry and gave me a $10 credit, which was nice enough, I guess. Still sounds like a rip-off.

But that brings me to my next point: what’s up with the inflated “retail price” they list along with all of their items, when none of these items can be bought (to my knowledge) anywhere but on the JackThreads website? The numbers seem like arbitrary bullshit, intended to make these items look like they’re higher quality than they really are. I’d love to be proven wrong, but I can’t find any explanation or anything to the contrary. (And I just now Googled “what’s up with jackthreads retail prices” and nothing useful came up.) And while the usually-crappy quality of their clothes matches the “sale” prices they offer, it definitely doesn’t match the inflated “retail prices” they list.

Another dumb thing: their sizes. A few of the slim cut suits on their site have a note at the bottom warning that the pants are very slim, and you might want to buy a larger size. That’s weird, right? I have a 30″ waist and all my pants are 30″ waist and they all fit fine, and I like very skinny pants, so I got the suit pants with a 30″ waist. When I got them and tried them on, they were a good two inches smaller; I couldn’t get the two sides of the fly clasp anywhere near each other. Why call this a 30″ waist when it’s clearly a 28″ waist? That’s just fucking dumb. Right? But, the suit was so cheap, I just went back on the site and ordered the pants again with a 32″ waist, and they’re fine. So, it’s fine, just stupid.

Okay, good things about JackThreads: They’re cheap. Sometimes insanely cheap. They’ve got free shipping on orders over (okay I forget how much, but this is still great). When I’m in the habit of buying from them frequently, they’re constantly sending me emails with discount codes for my next order; that’s awesome. They have a good return policy but I’m too lazy to use it. You can get a $10 credit just for sharing your order on social media and getting friends to sign up. I have a few things from them that I really love, like a t-shirt with a huge all-over graphic of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat that was like $30; definitely on the very pricey side for JackThreads but not ridiculous compared to real clothes. I also have a lot of simple stuff like plain black t-shirts that I’ve gotten from them that have been totally fine.

JackThreads is cheap enough and their clothes are interesting enough that I continue to take chances with them — chances with my style and chances with the crapshoot of quality. I like ‘em! Try ‘em! Caveat emptor and all that.

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