All of NBC’s Hannibal’s suits from season 1


Well, it took one long evening and several glasses of red wine, but I did it: I created screencaps of all of Hannibal’s suits and other outfits from the NBC series Hannibal, season 1. I could stare at those assorted checks and pinstripes and paisleys forever.


I would straight-up kill for most of these suits (and those ties!), but the weird zipped-up-sweater things he’s rocking in episode 3 (in blue and red) I can definitely do without. Oh Hannibal, what were you thinking?

You can click the links below to see the full-size images; once they’re open you may need to click them one more time to view them at 100% size.

episode 1
episode 2
episode 3
episode 4
episode 5
episode 6
episode 7
episode 8
episode 9
episode 10
episode 11
episode 12
episode 13

All in all it’s 82 pictures, meaning Hannibal changes outfits about 82 times in 13 episodes; a few of them are iffy and with the lighting and change of scenery I couldn’t be totally sure it was the same (for instance) red shirt and black vest, or a different one, so I erred on the side of including absolutely everything. (There’s also the distinct possibility I missed one or two here or there. *hic!*)

I’ll post all his suits from season 2 as soon as the last episode airs!

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