New Orleans photoshoot with Kevin O’Mara


Photoshoot with the charming and talented Kevin O’Mara in New Orleans late last year. The clothes here are nothing special; just my most casual traveling clothes; cotton pants and a plain black shirt from H&M, blazer from Uniqlo, and my usual plain black Armani Exchange sunglasses.


I’m wearing my most comfortable and conservative shoes here, aka my traveling shoes; simple and lovely little Italian numbers I snagged at Daffy’s in Philly approximately one million years ago for the princely sum of $40(!) and I just keep repairing them every year.

Incidentally, the above picture happens to be taken in an alley in New Oleans where one tiny scene of Miller’s Crossing was filmed; my favorite movie! Worth watching for the old-timey suits and hats alone.




This last one is at one of my favorite cocktail bars in New Orleans, Bellocq.

Many more of Kevin’s lovely photos can be found at and his Flickr stream. Here’s a great article about Kevin and his work: The Whole Gritty City (Shandy Pockets).

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