Somehow I let myself get photographed in a t-shirt & with no product in my hair



My photographer friend Kevin O’Mara was staying with me in Brooklyn and we got up early on a Saturday morning and I threw on a t-shirt and didn’t do my hair and we went out for coffee. Somehow he managed to sneak this pic and make me look cool anyway; there was a nice breeze doing nice things with my product-less hair.

I usually don’t let myself get seen in public wearing a t-shirt, let alone get photographed in one. The t-shirt is from H&M and it has this cool skeleton bride/queen graphic on it, which I just found with some Google image searching:


(As a recovering goth kid, I’ll buy pretty much anything with a skeleton on it.)

Sunglasses are Armani Exchange; they’re my most simple pair so they’ve become my go-to. I got them in the Montreal airport right after an Indochine concert.

Skull ring is from Old Glory; I straight-up searched “skull ring” on Amazon and bought this one. I love it.


Dragon tattoo is from Philadelphia Eddie’s on South 4th Street.

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