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Finally, a resolution to my H&M customer service problem

Finally a resolution to the lost gift card debacle! Not a good one, but at least I can forget about this mess now. For a quick recap, here’s my original blog post from yesterday about it. After months and months of phone calls with no results, I went all social media on H&M and they responded within minutes! I wrote my blog post about my experience, then tweeted about it and posted it on H&M’s…Continue Reading →

UPDATED: My terrible H&M customer service experience; $200 gone, three months later, still no resolution

UPDATE: One blog post/tweet/Facebook post later, I got a call from a very helpful lady at H&M. Fingers crossed that this will be resolved soon. I’ll post any news. ***** I’ve been dealing with H&M customer service over a lost $200.00 gift card since June! I’ve called four times so far, with no results. Many months ago, I bought an H&M gift card for $200.00 to give as a gift. The recipient lost it. Luckily,…Continue Reading →