I have a tie problem…


… and my problem is that I don’t have enough ties.


My necktie collection hovers around the 50-60 mark at any given time. The vast majority of these are from all my usual haunts: Daffy’s (R.I.P.!) was my absolute best tie-shopping place for years, and at least a dozen of these are from there. The others are from JackThreads, H&M, Delaveine in Paris, celio* in Paris, and of course several of them were gifts. I still tell people every holiday: get me a tie! I can never have enough.

One of my neckties that I get the most compliments on is the one just right of center with the diagonal rows of big pink dots. I got it for €1 at Tati, basically the French equivalent of Kmart. The rest are all in the $5-$20 range, with one exception: My most expensive tie is the black and silver paisley one that’s dead center; I got it at Macy’s to wear for my best friend’s wedding around 2007; I wanted to look amazing and money was no object. It was $60. Yikes. But seriously, a bunch of my very favorite ties were on sale for five bucks at H&M.

I probably wear ties four or five days out of the week. I keep a few spares in my desk at work. At home I keep them all rolled up and in one drawer. When they don’t fit in that drawer any more I get rid of a few that I haven’t worn in ages. If I never got rid of any I’d have over a hundred by now! One crazy tie that I never wear but I can’t bear to get rid of is a navy one with little yellow New Jerseys on it; I got it at Village Thrift in Pennsauken for $1.50 in the mid-90s. There’s a bank logo on the back; I guess it was part of someone’s uniform. The last time I actually wore that one was probably for this picture back around 2007.

My current favorite tie is a skinny black-on-black one with a pattern of tiny embroidered skulls; very subtle. It was a gift from my girlfriend and I have no idea where it came from. It is perfect.

*There is no footnote; celio* really spells their name that way.

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