The time I was in Time Out New York’s Most Stylish New Yorkers (April 2011)


Hooboy, this is an interesting one; I’m simultaneously very proud and a little bit embarrassed to have been selected one of Time Out New York’s Most Stylish New Yorkers back in 2011. The photoshoot happened some months before the issue came out, and I’d just recently moved to NYC from Paris and was still figuring out shopping/dressing myself here. By the time the magazine hit the stands I didn’t love most of the things I’d brought for the shoot (we were told to bring three outfits; I brought five and had the photographer help me choose). I was in a period of flux between my free-as-a-bird Parisian life (jaunty scarves!) and the beginning of my new professional life in NYC (that haircut! so conservative!). Here I am four years later and I’ve worked out all the kinks. But back then, I’d brought these crazy outfits from Paris, and something about NYC made me wear them less confidently than before, and I think that shows in these pictures. I wore the same stuff in Paris with my crazy spiky hair and owned that look. In these pics taken in NYC I look like I know I’m not supposed to wear that stuff here. I dunno; it’s very hard to articulate.


But I’m still proud to have ended up in Time Out! I got recognized twice in the street that week, which was cool. I certainly do wish I had the chance to do it all over again; I’d bring very different outfits now, and a much more rock n’ roll attitude.

Make sure to read all my captions about the items to see how much of an asshole I am! Oh man. Filling out their questionnaire afterward was fun, and I think I might’ve gone a bit overboard.

When you get to the 16th photo — one of a scarf by itself — that’s no longer my stuff, but rather a selection of items the style editor(s) are suggesting you pick up if you want to dress like me (and who in their right mind would want to do that?). Interestingly enough, I hate most of these items and would never be caught dead wearing any of them, the only two exceptions being the ones that look exactly like my own stuff, those being the simple aviator shades, and the pink dress shirt. I guess the stripey scarf’s not bad. The other stuff, ugh: jeans? Casual shoes? Trendy bowtie and zipper cuff? Ick. No no no. Not on me, not ever. But hey, that’s fashion for ya.

By the way, I wouldn’t want anyone to think some fashion editor ran up to me in the street and said, “Please, I must photograph you!”* My pal Heather worked for Time Out and recommended the fashion folks check me out and see if they were interested in using me for the stylish New Yorkers issue. The next day I got an e-mail. So that’s that. Thanks Heather!

*(This DOES happen to me from time to time. Just not this time.)

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