I wrote this article a long time ago about what to wear (and what not to wear) in Paris


From my article, What to wear (and what NOT to wear) during your stay in Paris, originally posted on Cool Stuff in Paris.


Okay, Americans, I’m gonna give it to you straight: the clothes you are wearing in Paris make you really stand out as a tourist, and you look sloppy and underdressed and disrespectful almost everywhere you go. You stand out like a sore thumb; the Parisians can spot an American a kilometer away. This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing in itself, but wouldn’t it be better to be a little discreet and blend in a little?

Parisians do not wear shorts, flip-flops, white sneakers, baseball caps, fanny packs, backpacks, oversized t-shirts, oversized jeans, etc. If you’re a person who cares at all about your personal appearance in general and the impression you make on the people around you, then you really don’t want to wear all that stuff while you’re in Paris…

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